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Sold out for this season, but check back often for info on ghostly activities throughout the year.


What is Adventure Gypsies?

Adventure Gypsies is a company that does a wide variety of events and tours. Antoinette (of Antoinette's Haunted History Tours) is involved with several of Alixandria's events, even those that are not ghostly. Alixandria has several things that spark her desire to create events and tours so others can share in the fun. Some adventures are family oriented, some are to appreciate Nature, some are to experience ghosts, some are still to be discovered!

For more than only spooky events, check out www.AdventureGypsies.com.

If you want to be on the Adventure Gypsies/Haunted Alton email list, please send an email with your first and last name to info@adventuregypsies.com.


Please feel free to contact Alix at alix@hauntedalton.com.


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